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Our Story


From Brickworks to Central Market, from green Bongo van and trestle tables out the back of the Econovan to purple wagon and prime shop frontage, Lana Lang Shoes has survived on the back of risk taking and fire razing to become a Central Market icon.

Established in 1986, Ildi and Martin Middlemiss founded the business on their personal experience of sore feet. Finding no shoes to fit prescribed orthoses, they became dedicated to gaining as much knowledge as possible about feet and shoes. They both became TAFE certified shoe fitters and Martin a TAFE Certified Shoe Manufacturer/ Repairer dedicated to finding shoes that fitted orthoses and feet as well.

Lana Lang Shoes has built a national reputation as specialist shoe fitters providing quality shoes with European style. It is one of the few shoe stores in Australia where you get fitted whether you wear orthoses or not.

After 21 years in the shop at the South eastern corner of the market, Lana Lang Shoes now operates from two stores in the Adelaide Central Market Precinct and Arcade employing eight staff – Lana Lang at the Market for the Birkenstock Boutique and Lana Lang Shoes for healthy soles with style!

And the name? Well that is a story to be heard in person but let’s just say a jolly time was being had one wintry Saturday afternoon feasting with friends – perfect conditions for the creative juices to flow. Brainstorming the names of famous women characters about town, Lois Lane emerged as a hot favourite but Ildi soon discovered the name was taken by another business. Following the same line of thought, a friend knew that there was another woman before her in Superman’s life – Lana Lang. She was his first girlfriend when he was Superboy and had red hair just like Ildi! “I love it” she said and so the business was named!
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