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The THINK footwear brand produced in Austria has been in operation for over 30 years and is considered a leading manufacturer of casual, healthy and ecological shoes. The brands philosophy is built on the core values of sustainability, quality and innovation.  Materials of the highest quality are used to provide optimal comfort and enable healthy walking and running. 

Every shoe is made manually to maintain the best quality and precision in manufacturing.

The environmentally friendly brand has a holistic approach in caring for the environment and places special emphasis on using the best materials such as organically tanned leather free of chemicals and toxins and no vegetable dyes which contain heavy metals. The products are

Hypo-allergenic, thus no harmful substances will come into contact with your skin.
The anatomically designed cork footbeds mould to the natural shape of your feet to create a custom fit. The natural latex used is a sustainable raw material and normally used to provide natural cushioning, outstanding thermal insulation and high slip and wear resistance.  The Think brand ethos is therefore maintained due to their strict quality control and manufacturing.

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